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All of our features are free to use. There's no premium membership, no subscription fee and no email or audience limits.

You can collect as many emails as you want, use all our recipe templates and email your audience as often as you'd like.

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$15 RPM
$18,000 /year
$7 p/m

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We estimate that 0.6% of your unique visitors become paid subcribers. You will add more subscribers every month, but will also lose some throughout the year. We estimate an average RPM of $15 from ad networks.

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Sell your pie, give us a small slice

If you choose to charge your audience to access certain recipes, weekly meal plans or email classes, we take a 15% fee. Win/win!

How much bigger can your pie get?

By offering premium content to your readers, we expect your revenue to grow over time. Use our calculator on this page to estimate how much more you could earn by monetising your audience instead of relying on ad networks.